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Original founder, new founders

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The international humanitarian organization Danish Refugee Council, the original founder of NBCO "Caucasus-Credit" LLC, donated its charter capital in the amount of 4880 AZN to the national staff on 11.10.2010. In addition, on 02.05.2011 grant funds in the amount of 243,986.54 AZN allocated to Azerbaijan by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark in the framework of the Income Generation Program in 1997-2002 years donated to the national staff in the form of a share in the charter capital. With this, the international humanitarian organization Danish Refugee Council transferred its founder right to the national staff consisting of Aminova Khalisa Shahnazar gizi (33.4 percent share), Gurbanov Arif Adil oglu (33.3 percent share) and Rasulova Zuleykha Nurmammad gizi (33.3 percent share). Current founders who own a founder's share on a social basis based on a donation have the status of employee/consumer and their relationship with BOKT is governed by both civil and labor law.