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NBCO "Caucasus-Credit" LLC, which provides microcredit services with business, agricultural and consumer credit products, aims to improve the general welfare of low-income people. More about LOAN PRODUCTS...

The Loan offer on the page opened by writing "qafqazbokt" on the Instagram.com social network is a case of cyber fraud and NBCO "Caucasus-Credit" LLC has nothing to do with this!

Citizens are warned that by using the logo and name of NBCO "Caucasus-Credit" LLC in a distorted manner on the Instagram social network on the page instagram.com/qafqazbokt, by paying a deposit and with a single ID card, without a collateral, without a guarantor, without a reference an offer to grant a loan from 500 to 5000 manat is a fraud and deceit act. We urge citizens to be vigilant, not to make any payment in the name of deposit, not to share card information, in order not to fall into the net of such cyber fraudsters!!!

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